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The School Day

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Friday afternoon whole school closure

School will close after lunch on Friday every week for a deep clean, and teachers and support staff will use this time to plan and prepare. . Each year group has a specific leaving time and it is important that you are on time to pick up your child to avoid overcrowding. If you have children in different year groups you will need to collect each child at the given time and wait outside the school grounds - away from the exit gates.

Learning will be done at home on Friday afternoons. Children will have French and music lessons to take part in online, via Google Classroom. 

Playtime / Lunchtime

Playtimes are staggered to reduce the mixing of classes in the playground. Children are given plenty of opportunities to exercise outside. 

  • Children are supervised as normal in the playground. 

  • Lunch is eaten in class (in Years 3-6) and rubbish is disposed of in class. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 eat lunch in the hall, at separate times.

  • Children use their own water bottles,  which must be taken home everyday and cleaned thoroughly before being brought back to school the next day. 

  • All children receive a school lunch and a packed lunch is only allowed where a child has severe allergies or specific dietary requirements. This is to ensure the risk of spreading the virus is kept at a minimum. If a child brings in his / her own lunch, the lunch box / container must be disinfected daily.   

  • Limited toys and playground equipment are available during break to avoid the risk of infection. 

Hygiene and cleaning

Maintaining high standards of cleaning and hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of coronavirus. The school has a detailed cleaning plan, which ensures frequent cleaning of resources, furniture, surfaces, handrails and door handles amongst many other items. Year groups use the toilets at separate times and toilets are cleaned after each class has used them. All pupils and staff will be expected to wash their hands frequently. The school has a good supply of cleaning materials, which are locked securely in every classroom. The school also has appropriate protective covering for staff and visitors.

Your child must wear a school uniform and this should be washed at least 3 times a week. This reduces the risk of coronavirus being brought in from home to school, and being taken into the home from school.

PE kit should be worn to school on your child's day for PE. Children cannot get changed at school. PE days are:

Year 1 Thursday Year 2 Wednesday Year 3 Thursday
Year 4 Wednesday Year 5 Tuesday Year 6 Monday

What should my child bring to school?

Your child should not bring anything to school other than a labelled water bottle and a book bag for reading books every Friday. Please send your child in wearing their PE kit on the days when they have PE lessons. School provides a stationery set for each individual child, which they keep in a labelled bag - these resources are not shared. Your child is given a reading book to bring home from school which is changed weekly; when books are returned to school they are cleaned and ‘quarantined' before going back into the classroom. 

How can I contact my child's teacher?

As our drop off and collection times are now very strictly limited, teachers are not able to chat with parents at the start or end of the day, and we cannot have visitors into the school, including parents. However we are always happy for you to call the school office and make an appointment to speak with your child's teacher over the phone. This document explains how this will work.

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